Top 10 interesting campsites in Dong Nai and Binh Duong you must check-in right now (P2)

Just over an hour by motorcycle from Saigon, you will find that Dong Nai and Binh Duong have many interesting campsites, ideal for short trips on the weekend.

>>Top 10 interesting campsites in Dong Nai and Binh Duong you must check-in right now (P1)

Tre Viet Tourist Village, Dong Nai Province

About 15km from Ho Chi Minh city, 500m from Cat Lai ferry terminal in Dong Nai, 500m from Phan Van Dang crossroad to the right, you will come to Tre Viet tourist village. With a land area of ​​about 45,000m², Tre Viet is a unique resort like the miniature model of the Souhthern region.

Address: Phuoc Luong Hamlet, Phu Huu Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province.

Tre Viet Tourism Village via Travel and Photography

O and Dong Truong Island, Dong Nai

O and Dong Truong Island are two islands located in the heart of Tri An Lake (Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province). From Ho Chi Minh city, along the National Highway 1A towards Dong Nai, you turn to the left at Tri An T-junction and go 8km more to Vinh An town center (Vinh Cuu district) and then to Dong Truong wharf. After 30 minutes enjoy the fun sailing on Tri An Lake, you will set foot on O island.

Setting foot on the island, visitors will be surprised in front of green foliage with hundreds of blooming flowers. The road around the island is full of shady trees, flutter butterflies and cool winds. The sandy beach with mild waves is still the place where you can sưim in the clear blue water.

O and Dong Truong island via Dong Nai

Vuon Xoai Resort, Dong Nai (Mango Garden Resort)

This is a popular tourist destination near Ho Chi Minh City. To reach this resort, you can move from Saigon bridge to Dong Nai province along National Highway 1A to Vung Tau crossroad, then along National Highway 51, turn left onto Bui Van Hoa street. After going about 1.5 km, turn right at street no. 6, at the crossroad, turn right and go about 2.2 km to Vuon Xoai (114, Tan Cang, Phuoc Tan, Long Thanh, Dong Nai).

Vuon Xoai Resort is quite cool, completely different from the busy urban with smoke and dust. In recent years, this ecotourism has attracted many visitors in the area. The green bamboo forest and green lawns next to the lake will give you a comfortable break.
Phu An Bamboo Village, Binh Duong Province

Located in Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province, about 40km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Phu An Bamboo Village is a green and airy paradise that always gives young Saigoners new experiences.

From Saigon, you drive straight along Highway 13 towards Ben Cat, to Sao Do crossroads, turn left, when you meet the first intersection turn right, go 6 km more to the bamboo village. Here, you can visit, picnic, shooting, eating …

Address: 124 ĐT744, Phu An, Ben Cat, Binh Duong

Vuong Xoai Resort via Khu du lih sinh thai Vuon Xoai

Thuy Chau tourist area, Binh Duong province

With an area of ​​more than 18 hectares, Thuy Chau Resort is an artificial landscape but with forests, streams and artificial water it will help you temporarily escape the busy, bustling atmosphere of the city and immersed in a fresh natural space.

With green space, green trees and artificial streams, you will feel like you are in Da Lat. The beautiful shady trees around the lake will help the photographies not difficult to recapture beautiful moments.

Coming to this place, the most fun is the stream bath and impulse wave. Stream water is tap water, during the bath it will continue to be circulated by high pressure filtration system. After each day the water is disinfected with chlorine in Japan to ensure the safety of bathing.

In addition, Thuy Chau Tourist Park also has a swimming pool, with a depth of just 1.2m and the area of 1200m². You can enjoy playing under cool water as well as extremely effective stress relief.

  • Address: 55 DT743, Binh Thang Ward, Di An, Binh Duong.
  • By bus: You can take bus number 150, stop at Tan Van junction and catch the motorbike taxi about 1km to the waterfall.
  • By motorbike: If you ride motorbike, you should go from Pham Van Dong to National Highway 1K and turn right at Binh Thung intersection, go about 3km more to Thuy Chau tourist area.

Thuy Chau tourist area via Me & Con

Dau Tieng Lake Tourism Cluster, Binh Duong

Dau Tieng Lake is a famous scenic area of ​​Binh Duong Province. There are mountains, lakes and water, which is more prominent than Nui Cau. It is considered as a beautiful picture of the nature. This is an interesting tourist destination for travelers on the journey to find wilderness. Standing on Mount Cau you can observe the beautiful scenery around Dau Tieng Lake.

It is also known for its unique Dau Tieng Irrigation Works. The lake is blue, smooth, surrounded by green lawns and intermingled with scattered fragrance white flowers. In addition, there are many other tourist sites and cultural relics such as: Thoi Son Pagoda, Phu Loi Prison, Phu An Ecological Conservation Center or ancient houses…

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