Traveling to Da Lat on the Lunar New Year and all things you should know

Da Lat which is hidden in the mist all year round bringing fresh cool air has become the most famous tourist destinations in the Central Highlands. On the occasion of Lunar New Year, Da Lat again puts on her new clothes of Spring and deftly brings the pure spirit in the soul of foreign visitors. Let’s go to Da Lat for the Lunar New Year in the spring!

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Traveling to Da Lat on Tet holiday, you are hard to ignore these places

If anyone has ever loved the Da Lat flower season, they will be overwhelmed with the cherry blossom trees which cover all the dreamy city. Beautiful pink flowers appear throughout all the houses, streets, corners creating the extremely romantic scenery. It seems that only the cold weather in Da Lat is suitable for the scene of flowers blooming in the spring like that.

Traveling to Da Lat on Tet holiday, it is hard to forget the familiar but also extremely poetic places with any visitors whether they have gone to Da Lat many times again. Xuan Huong Lake, Con Ga Church or Chicken Church, Truc Lam Monastery, Bao Dai Palace, Datanla Waterfall, Da Lat Railway Station, Da Lat Pedagogy College, The Flower Garden in the City Center, Love Valley, Lang Biang Plateau, Da Lat market, ripe strawberry garden, coffee farm, Da Lat night market … are the most attractive places in the Tet holiday that you once set foot in Da Lat.

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If going together with the beloved travelers to dreaming Da Lat in the beginning of spring, you will certainly have a great warm feeling when your hand is tightened with his hand, walking the night market, buying each other gifts of wool, eating a good sidewalk and watching the stars in the sewer houses, bubbles characteristic of this place alone.

And for travelers who need to save the costs or like traveling to Da Lat with limited budget. So let’s find out some tips that we suggest as follows!

The secret of saving money when traveling to Da Lat on Tet holiday

During the Lunar New Year, any tourist destination raises the price quite high compared to ordinary days, and why do not you pocket a few tips to both save money and comfortably enjoy the beauty of Da Lat?

  • Choose to stay in hotels far away from the center to save on the cost of accommodation. In these places, they are still full of facilities for you to experience the perfect Da Lat on Tet holiday.
  • Coming to Da Lat, you can travel by plane or bus, but backpacking is so great right? And to save more money, go hunting for cheap airfare to save time, energy and money.
  • Da Lat in the spring has brought lovely beauty of hundreds of flowers blooming in the cold weather and more attractive with delicious specialties. And try to eat in the place where the price is reasonable to see how much you can save your money during the trip!
  • Book cheap tours to travel to Da Lat from the prestige travel service.

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And to really have the most enjoyable experience of Spring in Da Lat which is fresh and fun, to have a close friendship with friends and enjoy the feeling of family happiness in beautiful mountain town, please consider carefully, pick up and choose the best quality Da Lat tours on Tet holiday!

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