10 delicious dishes in Cho Lon, Saigon (P1)

Have you try all the delicious dishes with the true Chinese flavor in Cho Lon, Saigon?

Cho Lon is the living place of the biggest Chinese community in Vietnam. They often live in the district 5,6 and 11. Together with the development of the Chinese community, the Chinese culinary art also contributes to the diversity of Saigon cuisine. Visiting Chinatown without enjoying the delicious dishes with the true Chinese flavor in Cho Lon is really a big mistake.


Around Cho Lon, surely you will see the dimsum restaurants, from the sidewalk eateries to the luxurious restaurants. Not only being a dish which often appears in the meals of Chinese, Dimsum also contains the elite of Chinese cuisine. Sourced from Guangdong and specialized in serving for traders on the “Silk Road”, these dishes in the past was very convenient, fast and not too expensive. Gradually, they have had many different shapes and flavours which attract many diners all over the world.

The way of processing Dimsum is not easy as you think. From the simple ingredients, through the skillful hands of the chef, each Dimsum has a suitable size for the customers. It looks like a lively art work. Put into a hand-sized steamer, Dimsum always keeps the stable heat to ensure the delicious flavor for each dish. In addition, you can change the taste into fried and boiled dishes. Enjoying Dimsum, the diners cannot miss a small bowl of the sauce including soy sauce, vinegar, chili and ginger, all of which combine to create a strong flavor. A hot cup of tea after enjoying Dimsum is really perfect.

Some recommended addresses to enjoy Dimsum:

  • Baoz Dimsum: 86-88 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Ward 7, District 5
  • Dimsum Tan Nguyen Thai: 102D-E, An Duong Vuong, District 5
  • Dimsum Mr Hao: 175 Tran Tuan Khai, Ward 5, District 5
  • Long Phung Lau – Dimsum & Seafood: 570-572-574-576 Nguyen Trai, Ward 8, District 5
  • Dim Tu Tac: 29B Tran Hung Dao, Ward 6, District 5

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Pha lau

The same name but Pha lau of Tieu people is very different from Pha lau made from the pig and cow organs and coconut milk. They use all the pig organs as well as the ear and tounge of the pig, chicken feet, fried tofu and egg, marinate the five spice powder, cinnamon, octagonal, echoes, and some medicinal herbs and then cook in a pot. It is often served with rice or porridge.

In additon to the traditional way of enjoying, Pha lau of Tieu people becomes more attractive when it is eaten with a loaf of hot and crispy bread, sauce, pickled vegetables, Kimchi or lotus root.

Banh mi Pha lau Tieu on Nguyen Trai road with the history of more than 60 years and 3 generations, Pha lau Tam Ky at 823 Nguyen Trai, Ward 14, District 5, is very famous in Saigon.

  • Opening hours: 11 a.m – 11h30 p.m daily
  • The price of Banh mi Pha lau: 15,000VND/loaf or 270,000VND/kg (mixed type)

Pha Lau via traihevietnam.vn

Roasted pork and duck

If you ask a local where you can buy delicious roasted pork and duck, it is sure that they will show you the way to Cho Lon. Being famous as the area specialized in the roasted pork and duck, Bui Huu Nghia road has more than 10 big and small, new and old shops. In the past, it was the dish only served for the king because it was processed complicatedly, but nowadays, at anywhere, any time, you also can enjoy these 2 dishes.

The roasted pork and ducks have the private standards to highlight the complication of these dishes. A delicious roasted duck has the crispy skin, an eye-catching yellow-brownish color, soft meat, fresh and sweet taste. The most important thing is the dish must have the featured smelling of anise, Char siu powder and five spice powder based on the traditional recipe of each home. The delicious roasted pork is not only in the meat and spicies but also in the crispy skin outside which makes no one can resist. Serving with 2 dishes are the bread, Hoi cake, steamed or fried dumpling.

You can buy the roasted pork and duck at:

  • Vinh Phong roasted duck at Bui Huu Nghia road – Phan Van Tri, District 5
  • Phat Thanh roasted duck: 132 Bui Huu Nghia, Ward 7, District 5

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