8 specialties of Lang Son you cannot forget

Lang Son has many attractive specialties including both salty and sweet dishes, from snacks to main dishes.

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1. Egg rolled rice cakes

The rolled rice cake is a popular breakfast and often chosen by many people. Especially when you come to Lang Son, you not only enjoy regular rolled cake but also enjoy the famous egg rolled rice cake.

It is made from the rice flour, but instead of the meat and earwood, in here, they put an egg in the middle of the steamer and cover the eggs with the rice flour, then use the bamboo stick to fold the cake and put into the plate. On top of the plate is sprinkled with the attractive yellow brown minced beef.

The broth of the rolled cakes here is not the usual sauce, but a little bit of dried roasted meat, sprinkled a little chopped coriander and then poured over the fat sauce. Especially in accordance with the spirit of Lang Son, each table has a vase of pickled chili for the customers to add the bowl of sauce.

Egg rolled rice cakes via Tintuconline

2. Toast

It is not traditional dishes such as roast duck but if people love Lang Son cuisine, everyone knows about toast. Do not be surprised, it is also bread, but the Lang Son has created to make it a delicious snack which is very addictive.

There are many types of breads available. The bread is baked through two stages, first baked with cooking oil, then add a layer of oyster mixture, honey to make the cake have a dark yellow color and a delicious taste.

In addition, the sauce toast is also very well prepared with the spicy chili, the sweetness of the sugar, the sour taste of whipped cream and the aroma of coriander. The crisp bread with the special sauce makes the customers can easily eat 2-3 or more if they are hungry. Toasted bread in Lang Son prices from 3,000 to 10,000 VND / piece, depending on the type of bread.

3. Pho chua (Sour Pho)

If you mention pho, people will think that in Hanoi or Nam Dinh, pho is a delicious dish of Lang Son. A traditional sour soup of Lang Son needs more than 10 kinds of special materials such as: noodles, sweet potatoes, pig liver, stomach, turkey meat, sausage, chao powder, peanuts, cucumber and many kinds of herbs.

Pho chua, thanks to such sophisticated processing, full convergence of “five tastes” with crispy, the smell of potato, peanuts, the taste of cauliflower, spicy chili, the cool of the cucumber slices, Soaking of the broth, the spicy chili peppers. This is a dish with bold identity of Lang Son.

Coong phu via Nguoiduatin.vn

4. Coong phu

If you want to find a warm sweet dish in Lang Son, Coong phu is the dish you are looking for. Coong phu looks like the stuffed sticky rice balls and tangyuan. This cake is also made from the glutinous rice flour with small round powder balls in the brown sugar syrup with the fragrant aroma of ginger, coconut and peanut.

Eating a piece of cake with hot and fragrant syrup, you will see the cold in the mountains seem to drift far away. Each bowl of cakes has red cake (which is made from Gac fruit) and white cake, pour the brown sugar syrup cooked from the apricot sugar and fragrant ginger and then sprinkle a little coconut together roasted peanut.

5. Roasted duck

The roasted duck is also famous dish of Lang Son which requires the skilled manners and know-how in all stages of duck selection as well as processing. The standard Lang Son ducks is very aromatic and eye-catching. The meat is soft and sweet when eaten with dipping marinated honey and spices secreted in the belly duck during the spill is poured into the bowl and added the soy sauce and chili.

Taking a piece of meat on the dish with the sauce to see that soft, sweet meat with the rich flavor of the sauce, it is difficult for people to stop chopsticks. In Lang Son, roasted duck is sold in most restaurants and eateries.

6. Pho vit quay (Pho with roasted duck)

Pho vit quay via Hanoi Tourist

Parallel to the roast duck, Lang Son also has a very distinctive Pho vit quay which is worth a try. This dish attracts people by its name as well as strange ingredients. Instead of using beef or chicken for cooking, pho here use roasted duck pieces with glossy red skin.

Next to each bowl of pho, there is a bowl of duck broth or a bowl of soy sauce. In addition, the eatery is available for pickled bamboo shoot bottle. A bowl of Pho with the roasted duck is about 30,000 VND.

7. Khau nhuc

A mouth-watering dish that is no less unique than the other Lang’s specialties is Khau nhuc. Khau nhuc is the unique and considered as a luxury dish of Nung people here.

Dishes require sophisticated cooking techniques with lots of typical spices such as sweet potatoes and aroma leaves. The food is standard when it is not broken, beautiful color, sweet meat, soft and delicious. Khau nhuc eating with sticky rice, noodles or rice are very good.

8. Fresh sausage

Lang Son sausage is one of the best kinds of sausage loved by many people. The flavor always makes people remember forever. This sausage is made from lean meat that is past marinated, stuffed into the pig organs, and then dried in the sun or drying room on the kitchen charcoal until being dried.

Sausages after drying will have a dry surface and attractive red color. Freshly fried sausages are very good. Freshly sausage is cut into thin slices and eaten with rice or sticky rice, which is very delicious. This dish is also a specialty of the highlands which is hunted for during the Lunar New Year.

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