The best foods in Lam Dong

Lam Dong is not only blessed with beautiful scenery but also great food!

>>Thick noodle soup on the sidewalk at the price of 240,000VND

Banh trang nuong (Baked rice paper)

This sidewalk cake has been famous all over the country. Baked rice paper here is similar to the pizza, but in the version of Vietnam. Cake is sold all year round but the best is still on the cold weather. Handled hot cake filled with cheese, dried cucumbers and eggs, the customers will feel very excited.

Ca phe Chon (Ratel Coffee)

This is a high quality coffee that is only available in the areas with suitable weather such as Lam Dong. It is the place which can grow high quality coffee plants. When enjoying ratel coffee, you will easily feel the smell of soil and forest aromas, in addition to the rich aromas of coffee mixed with each other.

Café Trai Ham – Da Lat is the best ratel coffee with the best quality because of the careful inspection from the stage of planting – care – harvest – processing of the finished products and tested the quality of the products before selling for customers by the leading authority on quality control.

Atiso tea via Youtube

Atiso tea

Only in Da Lat, the weather is suitable for growing Atiso. Atiso is being cultivated in Da Lat, Lam Dong and Sapa, Lao Cai province. Artichoke is not only good for health but also considered as a highly economic crop for growers and even as in Da Lat – Atiso seems to have become an indispensable specialty to buy as gift every time you come to this city.
Atiso is a medicinal plant that has been introduced into Dalat since the early 20th century with excellent health benefits such as cholesterol lowering, healing of liver and kidney diseases, limiting stress. In addition, it also has the ability to prevent cancer. In fact, there are not many trees, but all of the trees including roots, stems, leaves and flowers are used as artichokes. Visitors coming to Da Lat often buy Atiso tea as a gift, because this tea is very fragrant and tastes good, more good for health. In addition to tea, flowers and artichokes are also made into medicine or soup.

Cha ram bap (Corn spring rolls)

Maybe ram or spring rolls is too familiar to many people but cha ram bap or orn spring rolls in Lam Dong has a very own flavor. It has the pungent taste of chili, the crunchiness of peanuts and the sweet taste of corn.

Beef Hot pot

The first time eating this dish, customers will feel strange because it has the smell of medicine, has a strong smell of beef and a strong flavor broth. In addition, this dish is very good for the stomach and liver.

Mut Da Lat via Da Lat center

Mut Da Lat

Da Lat is a fruit paradise so the dried fruits or Mut here are countless. The Mut here has unique flavor, full color, all genres. If you want to buy delicious Mut, you can choose Mut hong, Mut quat tran, Mut khoai lang deo or the most special one Mut hoa hong.

Strawberry in Da Lat

Most visitors enjoy picking strawberries at the garden in Da Lat. Strawberries are grown here with taste and quality different from many places. Da Lat strawberry which is juicy, sweet and sour is very popular. Besides, strawberry is also processed into many other things, such as strawberry wine, strawberry jam, vitamins, cocktail, …

Grilled deer meat in Prenn waterfall

Going to Da Lat, you have  to enjoy the grilled deer meat in the afternoon. It is a suitable time to enjoy this dish. On one side is a warm charcoal stove, the other is the friend, just talk to each other and grab the grilled sausage on a charcoal stove. The smell of fresh, fragrant meat, rich sweet flavor, dip with salt and green pepper and sip a little more wine will help customers have unforgettable memories.

Banh uot long ga (Wet cakes with chickencoop)

Wet cake but not eaten with spring rolls or suasage, but chickencoop makes many visitors feel curious. This is a unique combination of fresh and soft pastry pieces with sweet chicken, crispy chickencoop and a little more vegetables and banana stems.

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