Top 10 most well-known and attractive dishes in Vietnam

Like many other countries in the world, Vietnamese cuisine has a great attraction to the foreign visitors. Some famous Vietnamese dishes have gradually strengthened their position. Let’s discover 10 most famous Vietnamese dishes recognized by foreign visitors.

>>Enjoying mussel rice with true flavor in Con Hen

The bread

Vietnamese bread via Vietnam Travel Magazine

Being recognized as one of the most delicious street foods in the world, Vietnamese bread with meat and vegetables is a very popular dish to tourists.

Rolled rice cake (banh cuon)

Banh cuon via Google sites

Banh cuon has 2 types: with meat and without meat. The main ingredients include dried shrimps, pork and fungus. The rolled rice cake is often served with fresh vegetable, sweet and sour green papaya and especially the fish sauce. Above the plate of rolled rice cakes is crispy fried onion, very eye-catching. The cake’s shell is very thin.

The most famous rolled rice cakes are in Halong or Hung Yen…

Hu tieu

Hu tieu via Youtube

Hu tieu has many types: Mixed Hu tieu, Hu tieu with beef rolls, Hu tieu with ribs, dried Hu tieu and vegetarian Hu tieu… The process of making Hu tieu is very complicated and is a combination of many different ingredients. Some famous Hu tieu are Hu tieu Nam Vang, Hu tieu My Tho and Hu tieu Sa Dec…

Braised fish (Ca kho to)  

Ca kho to via Natu Foods

Braised fish is a familiar dish of many housewives in Vietnam. The foreign visitors often says that if you want to be a true backpacker, you need to enjoy the braised fish of Vietnamese family. The braised fish is not fishy any more, but soft and greasy. Especially, the fish which is braised in a traditional soil pot has a special flavor. If you want to enjoy the braised fish with true flavor, come to Ha Nam right now.

Hue beef noodle (Bun bo Hue)

Bun bo Hue via Long Hoang Quan

Referring to the central cuisine, we cannot miss the Hue beef noodle. The unique flavor of this dish conquered the dinner all around the world.

With the combination of the natural sweet broth, soft pig knuckles, Hue sausage with many kinds of herbs, Hu tieu is completely attractive to both domestic and international visitors.

Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls)

Goi cuon via Pizza Express

In Vietnamese cuisine, maybe there is no dish special like fresh spring rolls. You can eat as snack or as the main meals. Shrimp fresh spring rolls are a popular dish. This dish is made carefully and displayed the ingredients inside such as the red color of shrimp, the light pink color of meat, the green color of vegetables and the white color of rice noodle.

For a long time, the fresh spring rolls have become a cannot-missed dish in the menu of Vietnamese restaurants oversea. The French calls the fresh spring rolls as “Rouleaux de Printemps” – the rolls of the spring. The name of this dish maybe comes from the interesting colors of the ingredients. When enjoy this dish, the diners will feel the toughness of rice paper, the greasy strong flavor of pork and the sweetness of boiled shrimp as well as the saltiness of fish sauce, the coolness and spiciness of fresh vegetables. All of them create a concerto which wakes up all the senses.

Chicken salad (Nom ga)

Nom ga via Yeu Noi Tro

The sweet and sour chicken salad served with many kinds of vegetables such as purple cabbages, banana flower or lotus appears in the menu of many traditional restaurants with the true Vietnamese flavor. Chicken salad is also a familiar dish in Tet holiday of Vietnamese people.

Sweet soup (Che)

Sweet soup via

The sweet soup is a snack which can found easily in any streets of Vietnam, especially in hot days. There are many kinds of sweet soup. Coming to Hue, you will have the opportunity to enjoy up to 36 types of sweet soup.


Pho via Pho Ong Hung

Pho maybe the most familiar dish to foreign visitors when coming to Vietnam. With the traditional processing way, Pho always brings the true Vietnamese flavor and has a great impression to foreing visitors. This dish is also served in the areas of Vietnamese all around the world.

Chicken vermicelli

Chicken vermicelli via

A hot bowl of vermicelli with the sweetness of chicken broth and chicken is in the list of must-try dish in Vietnam for tourists,

Above is the most famous Vietnamese dish. Come to Vietnam and discover many other interesting things.  

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