Visiting Phuoc Hung Pagoda – the pagoda survived through 3 centuries in Sa Dec

Phuoc Hung Pagoda was built in the 19th century, still retain the ancient and spacious to this day.

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The architecture of the pagoda

Phuoc Hung Pagoda is located in Sa Dec Town, Dong Thap Province. The work was built by a group of Chinese in 1838, up to now 180 years. Bringing the look of the Chinese architecture, this is the address attracts a lot of tourists on every occasion of Tet holiday and festival.

The temple has 8 roofs and 2 levels, roofed with yin and yang to ripples. The roof is protruding but not too pointed and soaring up. The roof and reliefs on the roof of the pagoda are carefully decorated with many pieces of colorful ceramics in the shape of dragon, unicorn, turtle and phoenix, lighting up the brilliant colors when exposed to the sun.

Inside the main hall is very simple but dignified without carved art form as in other ancient temples. Some of the sentences come straight into the column. Besides the Buddha statues, this place also has the Buddha statue of Hung Phap Temple, Tan Qui Dong nearby. This place still holds the statue of Minh Huong Pagoda in 1849.

The scriptures of Kim Cang, Pho Mon and Dia Tang … by Chinese language which were carved in wood in 1919 are still kept up to now. The images, the priests are in the wood carvings with lacquer, gold lacquered carved patterns.

Phuoc Hung Pagoda

Most notable inside the main hall is the bronze medallion brought here by the Zen Master Vinh Trang (the fourth generation) from the North. He has walked 135 days to bring it to the temple. The decorations of the temple include many eye-catching colors

It is a popular religious place in the province and many places nearby. Not only retain the vestiges of centuries, Phuoc Hung also makes visitors impress by the integrity of the works.

Previously, the pagoda also had Dong Lang and Tay Lang built in the old architecture. Now the Tay lang has been restored according to new architecture with the cast concrete flat roof. Dong Lang has also been rebuilt with the house into a lecture hall classroom for the Basic School of Buddhism.

The temple receives a large number of pilgrims on the occasion of Tet holidays. Taking advantage of the large yard, the pagoda set up the decorative landscape that many people enjoy.

The monastic life of the healer free of charge to the people

Phuoc Hung Pagoda has long been a familiar place for people in the southwestern provinces to seek medical treatment and drug distribution free. In the small area of ​​the pagoda, there is only one main room dedicated to worship, the remaining area is abbot building clinics for people and medicine storehouse.

Weekly, from Monday to Saturday, the campus of Phuoc Hung temple crowded patients to be abbot of Phuoc Hung temple – Thich Minh Hoa – medical examination. Master Hoa said: “The temple welcomes from 200 to 250 patients a day to visit, ask for medicine. Initially, the pagoda was only examined on Sundays but then the people came every day, so the pagoda gradually increased 2 days, 3 days, to 6 days / week.

Phuoc Hung Pagoda via Vietbao

According to Hoa, his cure is entirely based on the theory of yin and yang. “An infected person is in their body without harmony between the yin and yang. If they know what they lack just to replenish the balance to compensate for disease, the disease in the body will be cured, “said Zen Master Thich Minh Hoa.

Master Hoa said: “Most of the people who came to the pagoda were poor people, suffering from liver, kidney, blood, rheumatism, and neurological diseases all over the country who want to find new treatment here. To make it easier for the sick, the temple must mobilize donations from generous people, build a back yard for long-term shelter, and facilitate treatment. “

Accordingly, all patients to Phuoc Hung Temple treatment is free of all medical examination, treatment and distribution. Not only that, patients can rest assured long stay without worrying about any costs.

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