Welcome the new year 2018 at three Saigon hotels with beautiful views

Instead of saying goodbye the old year in a stranger place, why you do not try welcome new year 2018 right in the following hotels in Saigon. It is surely an unforgettable memory.

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With 3 days for the New Year Holiday of this year, the ideal destination to welcome new year 2018 is not far away. It is Saigon. Every new year holiday, the main streets leading to the center of the city are decorated very majestically and brilliantly.

It can be said that the two most crowed areas at the occasion of new year are Nguyen Hue and Bui Vien walking streets with a series of art programs, music performances and amazing fireworks.

Of course, the moment you cannot miss in the new year is the last moment of a year when everyone takes part in the countdown party on Nguyen Hue walking street. After that, the fireworks in many different shapes and eye-catching colors combine with the happy sound to welcome new year of everyone.

At present, there are many special comboes at Saigon hotels at very good price for customers who book before the New Year Holiday. You are not afraid of being out of rooms.  

Saigon Prince hotel (the old Duxton hotel)

Saigon Prince hotel via booking.com

With the advantage of being located right on Nguyen Hue street, Saigon Prince can be said as the ideal stopover for those who want to welcome the new year 2018 in Saigon. As a 4-star hotel, Saigon Prince owns a series of luxurious rooms including: Deluxe, Deluxe Primier View, Club, Club Suites and Apartment. All of rooms are designed luxuriously, modernly and elegantly in each detail to bring for customers the most comfortable space when staying here.

Especially, Club room – one of the most luxurious rooms at the 8th and 9th floors of the hotel- will bring a beautiful view fo watching the city from above for their customers. From here, you can admire the highlight fireworks at the New Year Eve easily right in your own room.

For the customers staying here at December 31st, you will have the opportunity to enjoy BBQ seafood party at The Grill Restaurant. Finally, give your beloved ones cups of wine as the best wishes for a happy new year. It is sure that you will have the unforgettable memories when choosing Saigon Prince hotel for the New Year Holiday 2018.

A&EM Corner Saigon hotel

Located on Thu Khoa Huan road, A&EM Corner Saigon Hotel is suitable for those who love discovering the culinary and shooping paradise in Saigon because the hotel is only 300 meters from Ben Thanh market and next to Benthanh Street Food Market.

Welcoming new year at A&EM Corner Saigon hotel on December 31st, you will have the opportunity to stay at Executive room with a large view looking over the street. More luxuriously, you can admire the whole view of Bitexco building with the VIP room of the hotel. All rooms are equipped modernly with full of facilities to bring for tourists the comfortable relaxing moments in their own rooms.

After all, the terraced swimming pool on the top floor of the hotel will give you a relaxing space and you are free to be immersed into the cool water with a beautiful view as well as take many beautiful pictures.

Phoenix Gold Palace Saigon hotel

Phoenix Gold Palace Saigon hotel via booking.com

If you want to experience the feeling of welcoming new year with the foreigners, Phoenix Gold Palace Saigon hotel will be a good choice for you. The hotel is located on Bui Vien street in the bustling Western street surrounded by bars/pubs and restaurants with the culinary style of many different countries. You will feel free to discover them.

With the loyal style, the hotel seemly takes the visitors to the space of a magnificent palace. The most interesting thing is you can take the photographs at any corner of the room. All rooms are equipped with full of facilities to bring you the most comfortable relaxing space.

Staying at the hotel on the weekend, you will have the opportunity of wandering on Bui Vien walking street and enjoying many art performances. Especially, also on the weekend, you can enjoy a lot of delicious foods in the rich and diverse culinary broths at Food Street area of September 23rd Park or discover the cuisne and shopping paradise at Sense Market Mall which was built underground below.

To choose a suitable accommodation for your trip, please contact us for more information. We hope you would have an interesting experience.